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Baker Company is a nonpolitical group which aims to restore, maintain and present military vehicles as individual as well as related, living objects of history. We focus on American army vehicles from World War Two, but vehicles from other nations and eras may also be included in group activities. We especially aim to present vehicles with matching equipment in a condition which represents elements of the American 82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Armored Division ”Hell on Wheels” from the closing months of og World War Two in the north-western ETO.

The vehicles in Baker Company are all privately owned, and no general right of use of vehicles or other equipment is granted through membership from the owners to other group members. The group aims to give all active members ample opportunity to participate in various activities, including the operation of vehicles, but vehicles are loaned out on the basis of vehicle- and activity-specific agreements between owner and loaner. Thus, members of Baker Company cannot use group-affiliated vehicles or other equipment without previous consent from the owner(s).

Based on the available vehicles it is the goal of Baker Company to create positive and memorable experiences for members of the group, as well as for guests and spectators at activities where Baker Company participates. Baker Company strives to be an open group to anyone with an interest in learning about, restoring, maintaining and displaying historical army vehicles. Baker Company is also aimed at those wishing to convey the broader history behind the affiliated vehicles, in memory and recognition of the troops whose collective and individual stories are also told through the equipment we use.

There are no age limits, and no special knowledge or skills are required from new members – we only ask that one has a fundamental respect for the material and the history of those who originally operated it. Group members are expected to behave in a positive and responsible manner at all Baker Company activities, so that the group may be seen as a serious and attractive partner, and so that group activities are enjoyable to all who participate. It is important that members of Baker Company share the fun as well as the tedious tasks, and that members may feel ownership to the things they engage themselves in.

Baker Company is not based on membership fees. In stead, members make specific and unambiguous agreements on how to share the expenses for specific activities. For instance, fuel expenses at specific events are often covered by all participants in a solidaric manner. Further, when participating at public, historical displays, members are expected to present themselves uniformed*, to match the vehicles. Baker Company may participate in historical reenactment events, but members are not required to act or participate in theatrics. We are ‘look alike’ more than ‘act alike’.

As a consequence of the group’s preservational and educational purpose we aim to restore, use and display original vehicles and equipment as much as possible. Only in cases where the procurement of original items is completely beyond the capacity of the group, or where the use of said items is deemed too risky or impractical, will we use modern reproductions.

* appropriate garments can be procured for as little as 5-600, and is more or less a one-time investment. In comparison, yearly membership fees for various sports clubs are on a similar level, or more costly.