Out with the old, in with the new

We pulled the original M24 power plant, the twin Cadillac Series 44T24, out of the engine bay before we moved the hull into the workshop, and as the pictures show, those engines are probably not going to drive anything anytime soon. So, we are installing a new (used) engine, a Perkins V8.640 with an Allinson automatic gearbox. Thus, the M24 is going from a twin engine to a single engine setup, and from gasoline to diesel. We think we might be lucky enough to be able to fit the engine to the controlled differential with a very simple modification of the differential itself.

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Kampvognen som kom ind fra kulden

Etablering af panserværksted / Establishing the tank workshop

Now that the display hall is well under way, we turn our attention towards establishing our ‘tank workhop’, where we will work on restoring and rebuilding our two tracked vehicles, the M24 Chaffee and the M29 Weasel.2017-02-28 19.03.102017-03-02 09.54.292017-03-02 09.54.392017-03-02 08.26.27