Dodge ambulance project update

For the moment, our Dodge WC54 project has become a twin project, as we now have two such vehicles in our inventory. Today we tried to find old unit markings under the various layers of post-war paint on the primary ambulance, which we have reason to believe is an early model from mid-1942. Sadly, no luck on finding markings, but we also did some basic maintenance on the engine and carburettor. Hopefully she’ll be up and running by tomorrow.2017-07-29 13.48.082017-07-29 13.51.592017-07-29 13.53.292017-07-29 13.53.492017-07-29 14.04.442017-07-29 14.04.282017-07-29 14.14.012017-07-29 14.21.532017-07-29 14.22.012017-07-29 14.22.102017-07-29 14.22.19