Baker Company ved Militærhistoriske Dage i Frederikshavn

Yesterday, Baker Company went to Frederikshavn to display vehicles and equipment. On the 74th anniversary of the 2nd Armored Division’s participation in the fight against the German counterattack at Mortain, France, we set up camp to give the audience some idea of the background for that battle, the lay of the land on the 11th of August, 1944, and what a camp belonging to a small section of the 2nd Armored Division’s 82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion might have looked like.2018-08-11 17.44.502018-08-11 12.21.332018-08-11 14.48.232018-08-11 13.59.082018-08-11 14.13.25Admittedly, we threw in a couple of ‘extras’ that weren’t with the 82nd near Barenton on the 11th of August, 1944 – the 40mm Bofors and our information tent – but that’s how it goes when you want to do a little extra for the audience.2018-08-11 15.06.392018-08-11 14.53.002018-08-11 17.58.182018-08-11 10.25.352018-08-11 14.50.09Unfortunately, the weather was unfavourable during the day, but the evening return trip to base was beautiful.2018-08-11 20.51.412018-08-11 20.52.41